Hello and welcome to my new and improved web page. I am trying out a demo version of Dream Weaver. I have never used it before but have produced a couple of sites using other authoring tools....
This site on Air Pollution was my first attempt at web page authoring. This site is aimed at secondary science students and has some chemistry suitable for year 11. I used Netscape Composer and found it quite simple to use.
This site on Rainbows is designed specifically for Unit 1 VCE Physics Students. This site contains my first ever animation - total internal reflection. I produced this site on Netscape Composer but really took it to the limits of its capabilities.
This is a site I put together for my father's accounting practice, Duesburys Gippsland. I did it on Pagemill but had to find a source for the CGI on the web (look at the html for the reference if you are interested).

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